Welcome to the Volterra Ecosystem

Decenteralized Crypto Startup

We are creating a system, unlike other projects that eventually bruise the long-term trust of new investors in the decentralized world. Volterra is the energy that connects Defi to humanity while utilizing the future with an innovative approach. Volterra is solving problems for humanity, rather than creating a get-rich-quick financial network that would eventually break.

Innovation Focused Startup

Connect blockchain to the real world and start utilizing crypto.

With the development and introduction of problem solving technology, we are expanding the posibilities of blockchain technology.

At same time creating a sense of trust, comfort and simplicity withing the blockchain ecosystem.


Our goal for education is to create an e-learning forum for anyone interested in taking new courses. Although built on blockchain, our platform will be user-friendly like other e-learning platforms Furthermore, individuals can pay for courses using the Volterra token.


Volterra NFT (LMC) would allow users to shoot live photos and short films (less than 5 seconds) that would be uploaded and turned into an NFT-Token. Volterra NFT (LMC) also provide a more engaging method to participate inside the blockchain itself.

Business & Finance

We take into consideration small and medium-scale businesses. We understand that it can be difficult for small and medium-scale businesses to make investment decisions, which is why our platform- Voltpay– offers guidance to business owners and startup businesses.

Health Technology

We aim to build platforms that can be beneficial to the health sector. We recognize the importance of medicine and the value of medical practitioners in society, hence, we have a goal of building applications and APIs that can be used in the health sector for Recordkeeping and Tracking of diseases within an area.


We are creating a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform for agro farmers where they can directly purchase farm products from companies with our platform as the intermediary. This way, farmers wouldn’t need to purchase farm products from retailers but will be able to take a more direct route by making direct purchases.

Cohort and Startup Accelerator

The Tech Cohorts platform will be the world's largest tech community, bringing together tech gurus and enthusiasts to solve issues and rub shoulders. We'll create a platform similar to Quora where people can come together to ask questions and get answers from experts in the industry.

Creating a more secured and trustworthy decentralized ecosystem

Powered with Innovative products

A more realistic environment is required in the realm of crypto currencies; many individuals keep tokens for no other reason than to moon and profit at the end.

While Volterra ensures that its investors earn from holding Volterra tokens, we also build a platform where they may give Volterra tokens a better valuation.

Our Partners

We are trusted

The Volterra ecosystem helped us achieve our objective by connecting us with experienced projects and organizations.

Our Press Release

We are trusted

Volterra as seen on these press.

Why Volterra

Our Out of the BOX spec.

However, unlike other crypto start-ups that you can invest in, wait for an increase in value, and then sell off again to make a profit, Volterra offers individuals a wide range of uses.

Transparent Roadmap

The project is progressing in accordance with the plan, the majority of which has been completed in less than two months, with a far brighter future ahead..


We ensure that every product we work on is readily followed and understood by the community, and that the distribution of fund and data is easily tracked and monitored by the community.

Blockchain technology

All of our solutions, which include Medtech, Edtech, Agrotech, and Business applications, are built on blockchain technology in order to increase decentralization across industries.

Experienced team

The Volterra Team is goal-oriented and vision-focused, ensuring that all plans are carried out and that changes are made rapidly to avoid errors discovered during development.

Community Powered

Volterra's ambition is propelled by community interest and support for the project and its plan; the community reached 37k on Telegram in November 2021, the same month the project was created.

Innovative Solutions

Volterra solves challenges by delivering dependable, sustainable, and secure blockchain-powered technologies that can be used across several industries.

Low gas fee

Volterra, which is built on the Binance smartchain, offers a very low gas price on all transactions done through Volterra-powered goods owing to the blockchain's user-friendliness. .

Cross Chain

Our collaboration with a broad ecosystem and blockchain has provided a chance to connect the token across other networks, allowing investors from other blockchains to get easier access.

Smart Contract

Comprehensive smart contract.

The Volterra 2.0 smart contract, which is the successor to the previous Volterra Contract, has been built to provide our investors with unique features that are suitable with integration on our products.

These qualities go a long way toward rewarding holders, generating long-term strength for the token, and providing consistent funding for the project without hurting investors' investments.


Reflection rewards for Holders

Volterra Token holders Earn 4% in reflection of every transaction made.

Development/Marketing Wallet

The project development proceeds with= 4% of every transaction in marketing wallet.

Liquidity Autofill

Project liquidity automatically fills as 4% of every transaction adds to liquidity.

Anti Dumping Mechanism

Advance code in the contract has been verified to help avoid dumping by whales
Upcoming Platforms

Our Platforms in Development

Volterra as a crypto startup powers the ecosystem with a lot of blockchain powered products.

Our platforms.

We are dedicated to providing professional service with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and strive to add value to the Ecosystem and it's token.

  • Volt-pay
  • Volterra NFT (LMC)
  • Volterra NFT Marketplace
  • Volterra eLearning

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Our Project Roadmap

A carefully analyzed journey for the ecosystem

Stage 1
Listing on Decentralized Exchanges and price-tracking websites

Our first step after IDO is to list on major DEX and price-tracking website.

Stage 2
CEX listing and Auditing

Listing the Volterra Token on centralized exchanges to reach a larger audience; checking the contract address for improved transparency.

Stage 3
Launch of Volt-pay

Showcasing and releasing our Volt-pay business wallet from BETA to completed version, with all features and upgrades

Stage 4
Ecosystem Expansion, Partnership & Product Launch

Volterra Ecosystem initiates collaboration with other organizations, raises community awareness, expands the Cohort, and launches more creative and problem-solving solutions.

Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

We may have already answered your questions; please see the list below..

What are the objectives of this Token?

The Volterra token was designed with the primary goal of powering the Volterra Ecosystem products, which span all industries including Medtech, Business management, Edtech, Agrotech, and more. Thus, the Volterra token's aim is to allow a viable use case for itself by serving as a method of valuing the services provided by our products.

When was Volterra Launched?

The Volterra Project launched November 2, 2021

How to buy Volt Token

Following IDO, you may purchase the Volterra Token using BSC on pancakeswap, Nulswap, Ninjaswap, and other networks like as Ethereum, Nuls, Heco, and others through Nerve bridge using the Nabox Wallet.

how may I take part in and purchase this Token IDO?

Simply click on the BUY IDO button above

Our Team

Awesome Team

The Volterra Ecosystem Team

Michael Jimoh

Executive Officer


Marketing Manager

Mr Ehiz

Community Advisor

Hao Wu

Project Advisor

Rapture Godson

Frontend Developer


Backend Developer


Social Marketer


UI Designer




NFT/Graphic Designer